About Me


I love my beautiful name, Nur Syafiqah. Born on 1992 at Batu Pahat , Johor
When I was child, I had many boyfriends, kawan lelaki (Patrick is one of my bestfriends). But since my dad sent me into Islamic School, I'd became so shy being friend with boys until now (not at all actually) . And I'd learnt more about Islam and Shariah. I still learning about the Islamic knowledges and practising them in my daily life. 

I have an artistic personality. Since my father was studied Architecture at UTM Skudai , his talents growing through on his children. Before, I was dreaming to be like my father, draw the building plans and so on. But my Additional Maths was not so good. So, I just leave it and decided to continue my studies in Islamic knowledges. Much better I thought.

I like to dress simple and feminin. I like jeans but not wearing it anymore. Hehe. 
I also love decoration and interior designs, photography, shopping, watching movies at home.

I can make simple gorgeous videos and edit awesome memorable pictures.

I love books but hard to read them. Maybe it takes time for me to find a better place to read.

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